Humanature Silicone Wedding Band

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The Sensible Substitute was created with your active lifestyle in mind, making it safe to wear for work or play. Our ring is lightweight, waterproof and wont slip off when it gets wet, making it ideal for your next adventure. It's flexible, comfortable and made of medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone so it wont cause rashes or adverse reactions, making this product a great choice for those in the medical field or those working with chemicals. This band is designed to break away at 40lbs of pressure, meaning it is safe to wear at work or play and will break before your finger is compromised, unlike your favorite metal ring. Extreme temperatures, no problem, this product can take the heat! The material used for this band is also non conductive making it a safe substitute for those who work with electricity. If that's not enough, our product is great for those who work or play in an environment where a metal ring is a serious risk for injury or serious risk of loss or damage.